• Smíchov is a new center of Prague
    Become neighbors top companies such as Google, Pfizer, Skype, eBay, MAFRA, Seznam, Johnson & Johnson, Maersk.

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History and Development

During the last decade Smíchov underwent extensive renovation and is now a popular business area and one of the most prosperous office locations in Prague.

Smíchov around the Andel metro station, as the location with the highest long-term occupancy of office space, has become one of the most prestigious locations in Prague for office space in the heart of the city, being home to companies such as Google, Pfizer, Skype, eBay, Mafra, Yahoo!, Johnson & Johnson, Maersk, AstraZeneca, UBS, ING, Hochtief and more.

Convenient location near the city center, good accessibility by public transport and road connections to the outside part of the city make from Smíchov an interesting investment site.

Office rental  blue  Accessibility of Andel area and transport possibilities

History of Smíchov

Development Smíchov - history 1904In the 70ies and 80ies of 20th century the long-term development concept of Prague defined four key points for Smíchov; construction of the metro station Andel (in 1985 launched a metro line B to Andel station and Smíchovské nádraží), CKD Tatra plant relocation (former Ringhoffer´s factory) to Zlicín, building of Strahov tunnel and regeneration of housing stock (Langhammer 2001).

Launching of the subway-metro, construction of inner ring road and the release of large areas to industrial production resulted in a substantial increase in development potential of the central Smíchov and created the conditions for the implementation of large construction projects.

The transformation of central Smíchov after 1990 is significant. Major projects undertaken by foreign developers contribute to the regeneration and transformation of habitats on administrative business center.

hitory of Smíchov hitory of Smíchov hitory of Smíchov

After 2000, several large projects of foreign investors grew up in central Smíchov. At the site of the former Ringhoffer factory today is a shopping and entertainment center Nový Smíchov, which was in 2001 completed by French developers Carrefour and Delcis. At that times when construction of hypermarkets on green field prevailed, Novy Smíchov was first newly built shopping center in the inner space of Prague. Project Andel City, created by Austrian developer UBM Bohemia, which focuses offices, shops, hotel, entertainment complex and housing is one, is a part of the largest newly constructed commercial complexes in Prague. In 2005, the office complex Angel Park Smíchov was established (Austrian developer Karimpol Group). Project Smíchov Gate (Austrian developer IMMO Future), including a hotel (opened 2004) and the office space, was completed in 2006.

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